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Steps To Take When You Have Lost A Home, A Business Or Another Alabama Property

As an experienced Alabama insurance dispute lawyer, I founded Prestwood Law Firm, to be able to provide personal, compassionate and knowledgeable guidance to people who were denied a property insurance claim. As a former insurance defense attorney, I know the tactics commonly used by insurance companies to avoid a payout or to pay out less than the policy calls for.

Types Of Claims The Firm Accepts

It can be emotionally traumatic to lose a home or business that you worked so hard to build. When the insurance company does not honor the terms of your policy (called “bad faith”), it can compound the issue. After working years for insurance companies, I have a profound understanding of what it takes to pursue a successful claim. I can assist with lost property claims due to:

If your home suffered damage or you lost business due to an interruption, I can help you assess inventory loss, structural damage and equipment failure issues. By working with an attorney who knows the insurance industry, you improve your chances of understanding your options and pursuing a fair payout.

What To Do If Your Claim Is Denied

There are many reasons why a property claim may be denied. Insurance companies do deny valid claims, and it is important to understand this. As an insured party, to prove that you are legally due compensation, you must provide several things. These include:

  • The claim number
  • The line of coverage
  • The date of loss
  • The state and amount of payment

Alabama law also requires that you provide similar information for claims that were closed without payment. This information must be available for both the current year and the five years before you filed the claim. This is to provide a paper trail of what has happened with your insurance.

State insurance laws can be murky and difficult to understand and navigate. If you were denied a claim you believe is valid and that should be covered under your policy, it is wise to speak with an attorney who handles insurance cases. At Prestwood Law Firm, I offer a free consultation to people who want to understand their rights and options. Answers to common questions can also be found on the FAQ video page.

Can You File A Claim?

Many people are unaware that they are eligible to file a claim after a property loss. Anyone who is named in the policy can file a claim. Home and business owners, and building owners can file claims, as can condo, apartment building and retail store owners. Churches, hotels and nonprofits can also file.

Work With An Attorney Who Focuses On Property Claims

Insurance claim disputes are a niche area of law that require specific knowledge and understanding. As a former insurance defense attorney, I possess these traits. I will personally work with you to hold the insurance company accountable. My objective is to make sure you get a fair payout on your claim. Call 251-929-4092 or send an inquiry email to me at the firm. Your initial consultation is free so that you can better understand your rights and options.